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As part of our carpet supply and fit service, we also supply all of the items required to install your new floor including underlays. There are various types of underlay for you to choose from, however some underlays suit carpet types better than others.

Some of the most common underlay types include:
Rubber Carpet Underlays, PU Foam Underlays, Wool Felt Underlays, Combination Underlays.

Our underlay products provide a range of different benefits for both your carpet and your home.

Underlay North London

The different underlay types are simply attributed towards comfort and costs, cheaper underlays are generally made from recycled materials which keeps the cost down and leads to a perfect finish once carpet has been laid over it. Although PU foam is a cheaper option then rubber, rubber underlay tends to wear quicker and does not provide the same level of comfort and springiness from the carpet.

The most popular underlays include PU foam which also helps with property heat retention and makes the carpet feel warmer in the cooler months as it prevents the loss of thermal heat through the carpets direct contact.

With Contour Carpets you can either choose your own underlays as per your carpet or flooring requirement, or during your estimate/quotation, Contour Carpets can provide advice and guidance on selecting underlays. We can source and supply the underlays for you when the carpet fitting job is due to commence.

Good carpet underlays will extend your carpet life, improve underfoot comfort and:

Increase appearance retention and reduce flattening
Absorb the pressure of foot traffic and reduce wear
Improve thermal insulation and warmth
Increase sound insulation
Smooth out sub-floor imperfections
Last the lifetime of the carpet
Improve acoustic environment
Give a feeling of luxury and taste
Enhance performance of all floor coverings
Reduce impact noise

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We also supply high quality grippers and other flooring accessories that will keep your carpet firmly taught and will prevent the carpet lifting from the outer grippers and internal grippers. Common areas where carpets fail due to misalignment or poor fitting are stairways and areas with curvature. At Contour Carpets we ensure that the carpet is cut and stretched to a high standard to prevent lift and wear.

We always advise clients that opting for cheaper carpets and underlay can result in quicker wear; this can also lead to carpet lifting and general wear and tear.

We also supply door bars in brass or silver or wooden ones (on request)..

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your kitchen or make your living room even cosier, we’ll be there for you through every step of the process – suggesting ideas and advising you on which types of flooring and underlay will work best. We will happily visit your home or office to take measurements, as well as arrange a qualified professional fitter who can fit your new flooring for you. We can also arrange the uplift of your old carpets and underlay and help with moving your furniture.

Based in Potters Bar, we undertake Underlay and Flooring projects for domestic and commercial properties in all areas of North London & Hertfordshire.


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